Our Package is Bigger.

We know that being a Fantasy Draft Commissioner can be a thankless job, and we’re dedicated to fixing that.

Solidify your status as greatest commissioner of all time by booking your NFL Fantasy Draft at Shark Club. We’ll hook you up with a reservation in a quiet space for maximum focus, equipped with free WIFI, a dedicated server, & a complimentary round of refreshments.

Customize your draft experience with an HDMI cable to hook into one of our TVs, an official Draft Board Kit, and even a special sympathy gift for your league loser. And, oh ya, just for being a commish we’ll hook you up with a VIP Card that will score you 1/2 price nachos anytime you come in to watch football throughout the NFL regular season.

Oh, did we mention our Draft Package is 100% free?

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    Choose your complimentary Draft add-ons! Draft Kits are only available for drafts scheduled after July 23.
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