Hit up Happy Hour, Grande Prairie!

We consider Happy Hour training for the weekend. Go ahead and tell your co-workers you’re hitting the ‘gym’ for a session.

Work was a drag. The fridge at home is empty. it’s Friday. There’s a lot of reasons to look for a quick bite and an adult beverage during the week, and we want to give you a helping hand (one that’s holding a frosty cold beverage). Drop in for your training session from 3 – 6pm any day of the week and enjoy these appetizers for 1/2 price, house highballs & wine for $4 & Craft Draft (160z) for $5.50.

Shark Club Happy Hour Mini Mac Sliders

Happy Hour Shark Club House Highballs Wine


If you’re serious about watching sports in Grande Prairie, Shark Club is the smartest play in the book. The largest sports bar & pub in Grande Prairie, Shark Club shows up to 6 games at a time on 31 screens. (We’re excellent multitaskers)

A choice late night party spot, Shark Club Grande Prairie is located downtown, just a 5-minute walk from Revolution Arena. Stop in for a pint and check out the largest TV in town. Who doesn’t love a paper mache Shark?


Private event space
Rotating late night DJ’s on weekends

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