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Book Your Table for the Super Bowl!

There are some occasions where it’s nearly criminal to settle for watching the game at home – and doing so for the Super Bowl would call for a lifetime in the slammer. Save the couch & your valiant, but sub-par attempt at nachos for pre-season, and claim your seat at Shark Club for February 4.

Stop by the bar today & grab your tickets* – and hey, might as well reward yourself with a beer for choosing the perfect table for your crew. *Canada Only

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Shark Club
Sports | Bar | Grill

Towering big screens, multiple satellite feeds and Pay Per View events make Shark Club sports bar your HQ for cheering hard –and playing hard– since 1993.

Shark Club fuses the intensity of a Major League sports bar with the comfort of your best friend’s Man Cave. Get loud. High-five strangers. Paint your belly. We don’t judge. We’re fans too.

So bring your passion. Because Shark Club is more than just a great sports bar.

It’s a game changer.

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Love to entertain? Got a flair for making people feel welcome? Let’s talk.

Whether it’s part time, full time, or a serious hospitality career, Shark Club is always scouting for talent.

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