We I.D. Anyone Who looks like they’re not Argos Fans

Argos fans in Toronto – we want it to be known that we are proud supporters of our province’s team! If you need a spot to watch your team with sound, ice-cold beer and nachos with not one – but two pounds of cheese on them… well, we just might know the best place to go.

With great daily specials and a Happy Hour we’re truly proud of, make Shark Club your destination for CFL viewing this season. It’s our Patriotic Duty to show every CFL game, so grab a piping hot poutine and cold Shark Size beer and settle in.

Check out the full Argos Schedule

From our 90 foot long sports ticker, to the 15 foot big screen, even a blind NFL ref could see why this powerhouse was voted Canada’s Best Sports Bar.

Shark Club Toronto’s extensive lunch menu and daily specials make it a power play for business lunches. 57 LED TVs make it easy to keep one eye on the game from anywhere in the room. Even during important meetings. (We won’t tell.)

Late night specialty menu
Lounge available for business functions and private events
Top rated sports bar & pub in Toronto
Voted Canada’s Best Sports Bar (not to brag, or anything)