No Playoff Team? No Problem: The Western Conference Edition

We don’t shame bandwagon hoppers, because there’s a reason to cheer for any team.

If you’re not convinced, read on to our list of compelling reasons to cheer for each Western Conference team, and be sure to check out our sound reasoning to cheer for each Eastern Conference team over here.

Nashville Predators
Love him or hate him, no one can talk about pro athletes doing great things for the community without mentioning PK Subban. The Nashville Predators’ will be a force heading into the playoffs atop the Western Conference, and we like to believe PK’s soaring good karma has something to do with it. PK made headlines across the league in 2015 with his incredible 10 million dollar donation to the Montreal Children’s Hospital. Deemed ‘the biggest philanthropic commitment by a sports figure in Canadian history’‘, the gesture earned PK an appearance on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah just this past year. Get that Cup, PK. Get it so hard.

Winnipeg Jets
The Jets’ may have recently clinched their playoff spot, but star forward Patrik Laine has been grooming his playoff-worthy beard all season. He’s even gone so far as to instruct team physicians to just “save the beard” after taking a nasty high stick to the face. Local fans are taking notice, as Laine-esque fake beards are suspiciously flying off the rack and into the Bell MTS Centre. All beard-related news aside (there’s a lot of it), Laine is leading the new age Jets into the playoffs, and there’s plenty for folks outside Manitoba to get excited about with this team.

Vegas Golden Knights
The Golden Knights’ roster is comprised of players who were deemed expendable by their teams heading into the expansion draft, leaving them all with a chip on their shoulder. David Perron, in particular, landed in Las Vegas after being bounced between four different teams the previous three seasons. To rub salt in the wound, he was traded from the Pittsburgh Penguins mid-season before they went on to win the Stanley Cup in 2015-16. Ouch. So for David and his band of misfits, we raise a toast. We hope to see you raise a Cup in return.

That’s it for the West, make sure to check out our sound reasoning to cheer for each Eastern Conference team over here. Choose your team, choose your location, and join us for the post-season – because it’s basically criminal to relegate the playoffs to your couch. (We only have the fun kind of handcuffs & employ flirty fun police but… don’t test us). With Happy Hour on every weekday from 3pm – 6pm, great daily features, our numerous TV’s and never ending Molson Canadian on tap, there’s no reason you should be watching the games alone with your sad home made nachos.

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