No Playoff Team? No Problem: The Eastern Conference Edition

We don’t shame bandwagon hoppers, because there’s a reason to cheer for any team.

If you’re not convinced, read on to our list of compelling reasons to cheer for each Eastern Conference  team, and be sure to check out our sound reasoning to cheer for each Western Conference team over here.

Washington Capitals
It may be an obvious one, but we’re going with Ovechkin here. While we could base his inclusion purely on the fact it would feel criminal for Alexander the Great NOT to lift the Cup, this well-known partier has low-key done some good for the community – and not even his own. Last fall he spotted a homeless man on the streets of Edmonton and bought him some clothes, he tried to secretly help out several orphans in Russia back in 2014, and this past season he promised 13-year old cancer survivor, Alex Luey, that he’d score a goal against the Leafs for him – and promptly scored three. Not even the most bitter of Leafs’ fans can deny how awesome that is.

Pittsburgh Penguins
Nice guy. Tries hard. Loves the game. That’s right, we’re making the case to cheer for the Penguins based on Phil Kessel alone. What’s not to like here? Pure goal scorer? Check. Fire on Twitter? Check. Seems like he could be your friendly neighbour who always invites you over for BBQ? You bet ya.

Tampa Bay Lightning 
Is there anything Steve Yzerman touches that doesn’t turn to gold? Taking the reigns as Lightning GM back in 2011, he’s built an absolutely terrifying lineup for any team unlucky enough to face in the post-season. Who else could calmly navigate the nightmare scenario when Jonathan Drouin demanded a trade back in 2013? Who else can build a management team capable of finding gems like Yanni Gourde? While we have endless respect for Steven Stamkos, Jon Cooper et al, we’re all about Stevie Y when it comes to supporting Tampa’s team.

That’s for the East, don’t forget to check out our sound reasoning to cheer for each Western Conference team over here. Choose your team, choose your location, and join us for the post-season,  because it’s basically criminal to relegate the playoffs to your couch. (We only have the fun kind of handcuffs & employ flirty fun police but… don’t test us). With Happy Hour on every weekday from 3pm – 6pm, great daily features, our numerous TV’s and never ending Molson Canadian on tap, there’s no reason you should be watching the games alone with your sad home made nachos.

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