Catch Shark Size (22oz) pints of Budweiser for $6.75 during NFL Playoff games this January.

Wild Card

Saturday, January 6

Titans @ Chiefs –  4:35pm EST | 1:35pm PST
Falcons @ Rams –  8:15pm EST | 5:15pm PST

Sunday, January 7

Bills @ Jaguars – 1:05pm EST | 10:15am PST
Panthers @ Saints – 4:40pm EST | 1:40pm PST

Divisional Round

Saturday, January 13

TBD @ Eagles –  4:35pm EST | 1:35pm PST
TBD @ Patriots –  8:15pm EST | 5:15pm PST

Sunday, January 14

TBD @ Steelers – 1:05pm EST | 10:15am PST
TBD @ Vikings – 4:40pm EST | 1:40pm PST

Conference Championships – January 21

Because big games deserve bigger pints. Join us for any playoff game this January and score Shark Size pints of Budweiser for the winning price of just $6.75. Catching an early game? Make sure to hit up our brunch menu – featuring Bacon & Egg Tater Tots, the Chorizo Sausage Frittata, and more.

Towering big screens, multiple satellite feeds and Pay Per View events make Shark Club sports bar your HQ for cheering hard –and playing hard– since 1993.

Shark Club fuses the intensity of a Major League sports bar with the comfort of your best friend’s Man Cave. Get loud. High-five strangers. Paint your belly. We don’t judge. We’re fans too.

Characterized by quality, driven by passion; each of Shark Club’s thirteen locations feature innovative menus crafted from carefully selected ingredients.

We take the game seriously — but there’s more to it than fantastic food and Hi-Def speakers. At Shark Club, it’s about living in the moment. Sharing emotions with a room full of people you just met. Waking up wearing the bottom half of a stolen mascot costume. (Yeah, we heard about that.)

So bring your passion. Because Shark Club is more than just a great sports bar.

It’s a game changer.

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