We have a lot to thank the Irish for – U2, Conan O’Brien’s flowing locks, Rory McIlroy and of course – St. Patrick’s Day.

Just because we’re a sports bar doesn’t mean we’re going to sit back while one of the world’s greatest parties gets underway on Thursday, March 17. Prepare your belly for loads of hearty Guinness and the surprisingly delicious combination of Jameson Whiskey & Pickle Juice – otherwise known as the Pickleback shot. ($4 all day March 17th). Put your bravery pants on and enjoy this surprisingly effective born-in-Brooklyn combination:

To fill out our St.Patrick’s Day drink & food pairing, we have our famous pretzel buns with house-made warm Guinness beer cheese for dipping. You can check out the rest of the menu here.

We hope to see you on St.Patrick’s Day!

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