Welcome to Shark Club’s “Playoff Pairings” feature – a friendly suggestion of which food menu items pair best with a particular NHL playoff series. Drinks are omitted, since you know ordering any Molson Canadian product during the playoffs grants you the opportunity to scratch & win your way to victory. (Not sure what we’re talking about? Read about it over yonder).



The essence of Texan cooking comes from the combination of hearty servings of meat with a Mexican twist. Thus, we suggest starting things off with an order of Chexican Chili Chicken when you want to watch Jamie Benn lead the Stars into battle. Crispy chicken bites tossed with Mexican and Asian hot sauce, your appetizer will give you the zip you need for a long night of playoff hockey ahead.


If you’re going to prepare for any St.Louis sporting event, you better have a few things on the menu: BBQ, sweet tea, and wings. For the perfect combination of sweet & spicy, order up a serving of Honey Sriracha Wings – oven roasted and served with a side of carrot sticks & dip.


For the Stars | ROAST BEEF DIP

A nod to the state’s love of beef and Stars’ winger Antoine Roussel, the roast beef dip with mild horseradish aioli and au jus is the obvious menu choice for catching the Stars in action. (If you didn’t catch the Antoine Roussel reference, he’s born in Roubaix, France! Oui!). The shaved roast beef is topped with crispy onion rings and served on a toasted pretzel bun, a hearty enough sandwich to keep a hungry Texan at bay.

For the Blues | CHICKEN & WAFFLES

If you’re going to order just one dish in the state of Missouri, you better make it chicken and waffles. We’re going to save you an expensive plane ticket and being an awkward tourist, and suggest you order up a plate if you’re catching any Blues playoff game. Deciding between delicious fluffy breakfast fare and the comfort of southern fried chicken is one less worry in your day. You’ll still have that touch of Canadiana with hot maple butter for topping.


If you want to take the best of both worlds from Texas and Missouri, you need to go meaty. This is the kind of meal Jamie Benn probably ate after he won the Art Ross trophy, or Brett Hull chowed down on after one of his 50-in-50 seasons. Your plateful of surf & turf is rounded out with crushed baby potatoes and fresh seasonal vegetables, because you need your vitamins if you’re going to chase down Lord Stanley… Or watch your favourite players do it.

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