Come Thirsty for the World Cup

Whether you’re Swedish, French or Peruvian (or just bandwagoning with a country) – we’ve got taps flowing for the 2018 World Cup!

Skip out of work and join us for the World Cup at Shark Club, and you could win your tab just for choosing a game and correctly predicting which team will score the first goal, which player will score the game winner, and what the final score will be! Looking to skip out on work during lunch to catch a game? We’ve got you covered:

Friday, June 15 – Portugal vs Spain | 11am
Monday, June 18 – Tunisia vs England | 11am
Tuesday, June 19 – Russia vs Egypt | 11am
Wednesday, June 20 – Iran vs Spain | 11am
Thursday, June 21 – Argentina vs Croatia | 11am
Friday, June 22 – Serbia vs Switzerland | 11am
Monday, June 25 –  Iran vs Portugal, Spain vs Morocco | 11am
Tuesday, June 26 – Iceland vs Croatia, Nigeria vs Argentina | 11am
Wednesday, June 27 – Switzerland vs Costa Rica, Serbia vs Brazil | 11am
Thursday, June 28 – England vs Belgium, Panama vs Tunisia | 11am
Monday, July 2 (Holiday) – Round of 16, 1G vs 2H | 11am
Tuesday, July 3 – Round of 16, 1H vs 2G | 11am
Friday, July 6 – Quarterfinal Match | 11am
Tuesday, July 10 – Semifinal | 11am
Wednesday, July 11 – Semifinal | 11am

Take a peek at the full game schedule!

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Towering big screens, multiple satellite feeds and Pay Per View events make Shark Club sports bar your HQ for cheering hard –and playing hard– since 1993.

Shark Club fuses the intensity of a Major League sports bar with the comfort of your best friend’s Man Cave. Get loud. High-five strangers. Paint your belly. We don’t judge. We’re fans too.

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Just prepare yourself to come eat, drink, and talk a bit of trash.

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