Give Yourself the Gift of Beer

The holiday season can be a hectic time of year for bros and ladies alike – running around to buy presents, trying to make your way through hoards of slow-walkers in malls, and watching your NFL team either clinch playoffs or strive for the worst season, ever. (We’re looking at you, Browns fans). Our team here at Shark Club believe in taking a break from holiday hustling and treating yourself just a little bit. We know, however, that not everyone is as understanding of a good ole beer break, so we’ve come up with a few holiday-themed excuses for why you’re at the sports bar and not stringing up those light bulbs.

  • Did you say “get here now?” I thought you said “get beer now!”
  • Did you say “clean the counter top?” I heard “watch team at bar top”
  • Did you say “string the lights?” I heard “Order-ing Bud Lights!”
  • Did you say “spread holiday cheer?” I heard “spend on holiday beer”
  • Did you say “Get the tree?” I heard “bet on Brees!”
  • Did you say “wrap the gifts?” I heard “Connor McDavid is a gift to all hockey fans and you must get to the bar to watch him immediately,and if he’s not playing, then Patrick Laine is pretty great too.”

  • I got intel that Santa is a Packers fan, so I’m on the lookout to get insider tips.
  • My feet are just so weary from searching for the perfect gift, I was just looking for a seat and somehow ended up here.
  • A man inside needed my help! (Finishing his pitcher of beer).
  • According to the latest scientific data, bartenders are the most reliable source for great gift ideas. And you thought they were only good for pouring delicious pints, shame on you.
  • I’ve tried everything to get the taste of fruitcake out of my mouth, this beer was just a last resort. As were the first three.
  • I needed to get a closer look at Tom Brady’s Super Bowl rings to make sure they aren’t more blingy than my gift for you.
  • I was inside buying Shark Club gift certificates for everyone I care about, but needed to make sure all the beers were delicious first.
  • My creative gift-buying juices are only stoked by beer. It’s science, look it up.
  • Watching zone entries in hockey games helps me strategize my shopping route.
  • I forgot where I parked the car and needed a safe space to congregate.

There you have it, a list of perfectly acceptable reasons and excuses for ending up at Shark Club this holiday season. There’s even one very legitimate one: we do sell Gift Certificates in $10, $25 and $50 denominations! Just drop in to your nearest location and let your server know you’d like to purchase some, after you order your beer (of course).