It’s the unofficial national non-holiday for hockey fans, and it just had to fall on a Monday. The battle between staying on top of your team’s roster moves while avoiding the bosses wrath is a struggle most office-dwelling hockey fans face every year. With the NHL Trade Deadline falling at 3 EST / Noon PST on February 29th, you can bet the distraction level will be high throughout the morning, and we want to make sure you don’t miss a trade or an email. We’ve put together this handy guide to get you through it :


If you aren’t on Twitter, or don’t even know what it is, we can’t think of a better day to sign up for an account. While hockey Twitter on it’s own is a beautiful thing, Twitter is the top platform choice of reporters and players for breaking news and rumours. Those pesky commercial breaks can get in the way of an urgent breaking trade, so having a Twitter feed full of the top hockey insiders is the best way to assure you’ll see the big trades as they are about to break. Some absolute must-followers include Bob McKenzie, Darren Dreger, Elliotte Friedman, Nick Kypreos and Pierre LeBrunMake sure to beware the imposters, as they often crop up on Trade Deadline Day, and follow the official accounts of your favourite NHL clubs as well as their regional reporters from Sportsnet & TSN.



You’re probably not going to be able to stare blankly at your Twitter feed all day, or stream Tradecentre without getting caught, so the next step here is to set up alerts on your phone to let you know when something big has happened. One way of doing this is to go to the Twitter profile of the person you want to receive alerts from, select the little gear icon next to the “Following” button, and turn on mobile notifications. You can also download the TSN Hockey or Sportsnet App and set up notifications on those as well. Make sure to keep all your settings on vibrate if you’re monitoring trades from the boardroom.



Now that your smartphone is set up to alert you when the biggest moves are made, you need to strategize for when you’ll be away from your device or when it’s not wise to have it out in the open. If there’s an unused computer at a desk near your boardroom, set it to a scrolling Twitter feed that you can monitor from a reasonable distance. Get the intern to deliver ‘urgent messages’ to you during 2 hour long presentations about why the company logo is now a slightly darker type of beige. Set up an iPad at the water cooler or in the bathroom that’s streaming TSN or Sportsnet.  Learn sign language or morse code. You’ll need to get creative here – but it’s worth it. Don’t be the guy or girl who heard about the biggest blockbuster trade since Gretzky was sent to LA two hours late. For shame.



Try to avoid choosing an exec directly above you – pick someone who you can relate to work wise just enough so it isn’t weird when you start small talk every chance you can. This is a strategy that needs to be put in place in advance. They have to be an obsessive hockey fan, and you have to study who they cheer for and what their opinion on hot button issues is. Wideman’s suspension was a joke? Absolutely! The Oilers should trade Eberle for any defenseman they can get? Well duh. They need an NHL team in Las Vegas? About time, right?! You need to become their hockey pal, so when that TV gets turned on Monday morning, you’re in charge of flipping between TSN and Sportsnet.



Now, if you’re located in the pacific timezone, you may think lunch break viewing is a mute point. If so, you are a trade deadline rookie. Just because the deadline ends at 12pm in Vancouver, doesn’t mean the paperwork is all wrapped up. Late breaking trades are typical on deadline day – so get yourself in front of a TV as soon as you can. This is where your friends here at the Shark Club sports bar can help you out – we’re just as weirdly obsessed with the trade deadline as you are. Pop by to watch the coverage, and get a burger & beer for $15 if you visit us between 11am – 3pm at most locations.

There you have it! You should be all set for the NHL Trade Deadline at your office. Don’t forget, you can find Shark Club on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram.